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autogeous mill


The autogeneous mill is also called the mill without medium, whose working principle is different from the ball mill. Its diameter is much bigger and do not need the balls or other grinding medium. The material itself is used as the grinding medium to strike and impack with each other. The oustanding feature is that the raw or cracked ores can be directly given into the mill.

Process classification:

The autogeneous mill can be divied into dry type (aerofall type) and wet type (purging type), and the wet mill is widely used in China. There are two drag modes, variable speed and stable speed with different power, and some mills are equipped with the micromotion unit.


The autogeneous mill can deal with any ores, such as crushing asbestos, iron, copper, limestone, gold, manganese etc. Its outstanding feature is high break ratio. The feeding size can be 300-400mm (can be 910mm in some special cases), while its finished granual can be less than 0.1mm. The break ratio is 3000-4000, which is ten times or tens of times of the ball or bar mills.

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1. There are dry and wet type mill based on different process, which are called also ”Aerofall type” and “Purging type ”.

2. The outstanding feature of AG mill is that the raw or cracked ores can be directly given into the mill. Normally the materials to be ground should have the granularity proportion. The materials which is ground to -0.074mm will account more than 20% ~25% of total output. What’s more, the ground ratio can reach 4000~5000, which is dozens of times higher than ball mill or rod mill.

3. In order to guarantee the safety operation of large mill, the hydro-static bearing - the modern advanced technology is normally used so that the static resistance moment can be removed when the mill starts.


Working principle of AG Mill

1. MZ autogenous mill is a new type mineral processing and grinding equipment which has the same working principles with the ball mill basically. It has functions both of crushing and grinding.

2. Normally a certain amount of grinding medium is added in the mill to grind the materials, so one working procedure to remove the medium must be considered at later stage, however the AG mill which works with materials itselves impacting and crushing each other doesn’t need the medium, thus the working procedure can be reduced and the efficiency will be increased. Therefore the AG mill is called also the mill without medium.

3. There are two different driving modes for the AG mill namely fix speed and variable speed. And the inching device will be equipped as per the work conditions which is convenient for lifting the mill shell during maintenance.




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