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rod mill

        Rod mill

   The rod mill has both dry and wet process available for customer choice. The mill will be equipped with magnetic iron remover when it’s used in grinding of the quartz sand, dolomite and monazite etc. It’s widely applied in various ore and rock processing in metal mines, hydro-power and building materials and so on.

  1.The power can be saved more than 40% compared with old type. The product size is uniform with a little coarse particles and mud. The over-rushing is light.

  2.The discharge granularity is more uniform with higher production which is suitable for ores of different hardness (Moh’s hardness 5.5~12)

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   1. The rod mill is named as it has the steel rod as grinding medium. Normally it adopts the wet overflow process as an open circuit grinding at first stage. It’s widely used in the first grinding of artificial sand making, mineral processing plant and power sector of chemical plant, etc.

        2. The product grain characteristics of the rod mill is relative with the grinding process. When the rod impact the materials, the coarse ones are impacted first, then the fines to reduce thus the over-crushed risk. When the rod move up along the lining, they have the coarse grains between them as rod screen, which allows the fine ones passing through the rod gap, facilitating thereby the crushing of coarse grains or concentrate the coarse grains in the area where the rods can break easily. Therefore the product of the rod mill is uniform with lighter over-crushing.


      Working principles

  1.The mill is installed horizontally on the two bearings. It works with low speed.

  2.The rod mill is loaded with a certain amount of grinding medium which, under the centrifuge and friction action rotate reciprocally, lifting, falling and purging. At the same time the raw materials which are fed continuously in the mill break and impact with the moving medium, then discharge along with the movement of circle feeding and overflow for going forward in the next step.

  3.The main motor drives the rotary part to drive the rod mill. The mill depends mainly on the reducer and girth gear to slow down the rotation, or use the synchronous motor at slow speed driving the girth gear to slow down the rotation.

  4.The large mill is equipped usually with the inching device, which is used in turning, maintenance or load loosening of the mill. It can reach the speed of 0.15 turn/m when lifting the shell to do the repair of the rotary part.





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